A variety of programs are offered to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority Inmates during their incarceration. These programs are designed to assist them in advancing their academic knowledge, developing a greater self-awareness, personal responsibility, and interpersonal skills. Participation in these programs increase opportunities for one’s personal success and further respect for themselves and others.

Most of our programs are community volunteer supported. Our volunteers provide a valuable resource to BRRJA and are a resource that help increase the ability to assist more inmates through programming offered within our jails. All volunteers must complete an application, undergo a background check, and complete an orientation. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer,

Substance Abuse Programs
Educational Programs
Life Skills
Religious Programs
DMV Connect
Life Skills
Library Program
Progressive Release

Weekender Program

Work Release: The Work Release Program is designed to assist inmates in their transition as they enter back into the community. Inmates must be low risk non-violent offenders and cannot have any sex crimes, gang affiliations, or active protective orders. While on the program, inmates are required to pay a room and board fee as well as make payments on any child support, fines and court costs, or restitution owed.  In most cases, inmates on the program have first proven themselves on work crews both inside the jail and supervised work crews outside of the jail.

Work Force:
BRRJ provides male and female inmate work detail crews to participating localities. This program allows inmates to give back to the community by performing landscaping, maintenance, snow removal, grounds keeping, janitorial work, painting, trash pickup, and much more. Participating in this work detail allows credit to be applied to the inmate’s time for a decreased sentence. Inmates that serve on this detail must meet certain criteria set forth by BRRJA and maintain good standing within the Authority.